DemeTECH N95 Surgical Respirator


  • 1 Box (20 Masks)
    Small Masks
  • 1 Case (720 Masks)
    Small Masks
The Demetech N95 Cup style respirator is designed to minimize pressure points on the face, while providing 99% protection against airborne particles and bacteria. High fluid resistance and rigid outer shell construction, with dual welded, latex free head straps. Proudly made in the USA.


Offered in a small and large size, the N95 Cup is designed to comfortably fit most facial shapes while providing excellent respiratory protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The fitted mask adapts to the natural shape of the face, minimizing pressure points- while the strong outer shell prevents the mask from collapsing. The molded nose bridge reduces the adjustments needed to achieve a proper fit and provides a secure seal. For use in a surgical environment to protect against airborne liquids and blood particles.

  • NIOSH Approved N95 Cup
  • Filters 99% Particulates
  • Filters 99% Bacteria
  • High Fluid Resistance
  • Protection against residual surgical smoke or on patients with known suspected aerosol transmittable diseases. (TB, Varicella, Covid-19)