DemeTECH Level 3 Surgical Mask


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MSK-003 Style Surgical Mask


ASTM Level 3 Masks feature a highly protective three layer construction, giving you protection, breathability and comfort in the OR.


Non Woven Protective Layer:
 Blue outer layer ensures proper wear, and provides high protection against fluids. Featuring high breathability and excellent protection against airborne bacteria.

Filter Layer:
Provdes 99% filtration against airborne particles and bacteria.

Inner Comfort Layer:
Enables the wearer to comfortably wear for an extended period of time.

Filtration Efficiency: DemeTECH masks exceed the bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure standards set forth in “ASTM F2100 Standard Specification for the performance of Materials Use in Medical Facial Masks”

Fluid Protection- Choose from three levels of fluid resistance: 80mmHG, 120mmHG, and 160mmHG.